Techno Terrain with XP

"Descend into the shadows of the Techno Terrain with XP, where every track is a daring exploration and each beat resonates with an eerie, xperimental edge. Tune in to Sweet Frequencies Radio as we delve into the depths of dark, enigmatic techno, redefining the boundaries of sound."

Join XPERiMENTAL (XP) on “Techno Terrain,” every Friday at 10am GMT on Sweet Frequencies Radio. XP explores the essence of electronic music’s golden age, blending Techno into captivating sets. His performances are a seamless journey through nostalgic classics and modern tracks, creating an immersive experience across generations. XP has already made waves on Queensland’s festival stages, delivering a signature Acid Techno set at Rabbits Eats Lettuce 2024. His electrifying sound pays homage to rave culture, uniting audiences from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Exploring production, XP has released 4 tracks, including the latest release “Echoes,” available on all platforms. Join XP on a unique sonic journey, transcending time and space as we celebrate the timeless evolution of rave culture together.

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