Sew Knee


Sew Knee is a Disco, Funk and Soul DJ from the south coast of England.

He got his start as an amateur DJ firstly streaming his sets online and
then quickly moving to hosting house parties and events for his friends.
His unique taste in music and ability to read a crowd quickly gained
him a reputation as a skilled and entertaining selector.

As his popularity grew, Sew Knee has played at local festivals and
broadcast several live streams with global names such as Natasha Diggs
for New York based club night ‘Soul in the Horn’ who host a weekly
live event online for their large worldwide following.

Sew Knee has also been busy building a dedicated following of fans
locally who love his blend of classic disco, funk, and soul tracks with
newer, disco & funk influenced electronic music. He has quickly become
a regular at popular venues in his local area.

Sew Knee is known for his ability to create a high energy and fun
atmosphere on the dance floor. His deep knowledge of his music and his
unique energetic style in the DJ booth make him stand out from other

Genre: Disco/Funk/Soul/Boogie/NuDisco

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