Paul Morgan


Back in the early nineties, a magical time occurred for Me, I discovered a different form of music from my daily hip hop dose. That music was early electronic dance music ,I love all genres. Hailing from the retirement town of Eastbourne many parties were attended .all over the south coast .which led about a year later to a set of belt driven decks being purchased . they were upgraded to 1210’s circa 1992 a Passion had been born . . There were a few local clubs and venues I played at mostly for the love of the music ,its never been a career path for me . I just love a phat beat . Lydd water sports, Bang in Eastbourne ,just a few small parties with a few illegal ones thrown in .lots of house parties. life has changed in many varied ways but my love of dance music has never waned .primarily a vinyl DJ, although i do use digital too ,My Local record shop owner from the nineties asked me if I wanted to do this radio thang , I said Yes. so here we are.

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