I’ve always wanted to DJ ever since I started going out and the late 90s. I got the chance to Dj in Pubs and Music Bars playing open format on and off for the next 15 years. 1st January 2023 I had the opportunity to focus solely on DJing and have met the most amazing people and this has allowed me to play some fantastic events. I was very fortunate to meet the Funk My Life guys in Yorkshire which I was privileged to play their Open Deck Night which lead me to play Funk My Life Presents Industry. I’ve also been very lucky to meet the people responsible for Sweet Frequencies and Disco Tits which again has given my the privilege to Dj for Disco Tits and Sweet Frequencies events down south. All this has happened in 7 months and now having a radio show on Sweet Frequencies is beyond belief. Bring on the next 7 months I can not wait.

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