Started actually mixing in 1989 – but was heavily into music from a young age , my late father was CEO of Battle of the Bands ( also he formed & managed “DURAN DURAN” Signed them over to his music management partner that made them hit the big time early 80s) i was fascinated by the sound of Lil Louis ” Frenxh Kiss” in 89 which made me fall in love with this type of groove! I played my 1st big gig in 91 warming up for “Carl Cox” got me noticed! Played a residency at the amazing “Sterns” were i got to know many if the greats – most stillabout to this day ! Being friends with Sir Colin Dale is a dream for me as he along with Colin Favor & Groover Washington ( Michael Wearn) who is like my big brother & coming thru an addiction to the worst substance out there Mic has taking me under his wing and made me part of the amazing “Southern Exposure ” family who i play for twice a yr! I run Portsmouth Underground Radio with my life long friend Paul Feeney! So to some it up i dusted off my head phone’s in 2010 – all changed – digital dj but still a turntable list at heart! Now producing but nothing ready to be released at this time! Il never stop spinning as long as iv breath in my lungs my musical taste is very lit & so i continue to entertain the masses – all genre’s of house muic #Deep hse – deeptech #Acidhouse #progressivehouse #soulfulhouse #funkyhouse #organichouse just Quality house music only! Cant wait to get started with you guys – Good music 4 Good People! 1 love Yo!! HODGIE B

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